Today’s Thought (August 07): God’s love for the unworthy

God’s love in Christ, in its full measure, is offered not to those merely who are believing enough, penitent enough, reformed enough; it is offered to all those who will cast themselves on God, be it only with faith “as a grain of mustard seed”. And to anticipate a common objection – far from inducing laxity or presumption, provided that we have some understanding of the meaning of the cross, the effect of this kind of thinking is exactly opposite. Surely there is less presumption in receiving our forgiveness whole and entire at the hand of God at the outset and ever after as a purely loving gift, than in coming to Him afterwards at intervals with the sense that I am now a better man and therefore fitter to be forgiven. Paradoxical it may be, but it is undeniable scripture truth that it is not the worthy, but the unworthy, whom a pardoning God receives (Mark 2:17).

Derek Brook, The Christadelphian, 1975, page 436.

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