Nations being Prepared for Christ’s Appearance

More than once in history there has been a call to prepare for war.


Benn Hall, Rugby, CV21 2LN
26th February 2022

Brother Matt Davies, from Mumbles, gave the first talk.

Prepare war, wake up the mighty men.

(?)Christ back on earth, nations increasingly hostile to Israel and so prepare to invade her.

The world is on the brink of war with one of the largest military build-ups in Europe in modern times. At the heart of the conflict is the Ukraine which is caught in a power-play between the West and Russia. But what does the Bible say about this?

In this talk they’ll reviewed the prophecies of the Bible which speak of these times that we are living in. There was demonstrated that God has a plan and has given signs in His word the Bible to encourage believers that He is in control.

Matt Davies looked at the prophecies of Armageddon concerning a coming world war which will eventually see Russian armies coming down into Israel. This will usher in the return of Jesus Christ who will save Israel and establish God’s Kingdom on the earth.



Talk 2 was:

Art thou come to take a spoil?

by Bro Jonathan Bowen, Brantford

Preparing Israel and Arab nations for the invasion and Kingdom. “Don’t flee to Egypt – go east
to Jordan”.

In that talk there was looked at the context of the invasion described in Ezekiel 38, Joel 3, Zechariah 14 and Daniel 11. The land made desolate in AD70 inhabited once again. In the talk was considered the pretense for the invasion described in Daniel 11 and see how Russia will come through the land planting itself initially in Egypt.

Please consider the desire of the spoil, look at what it entails, and consider how Israel has become so prosperous.

Finally they looked at Russia’s evil thought that coincides with the tidings described in Daniel, it’s move into Jerusalem where it thinks it will reign supreme.



YouTube is shadow banning this Video and channel. If not banned, perhaps it would have 1000s of more views!

The remarkable timing of the Arab change of attitude so can be blessed in Kingdom. Matt 25:31-46 and any other live matters.

At the study day was also looked at the basis of how the world’s nations will be accepted – or not – to live in the Kingdom.

Talk 3:

Milestones Update.

Bro. Don Pearce, Rugby.

What in God’s eyes distinguishes a “Sheep” Nation from a “Goat” nation?

Not all “Sheep” were born “Sheep”. They have changed from “Goats” to “Sheep”! In fulfilment of Scripture this is happening just at the time which will see the imminent return of the Lord Jesus, to judge his saints and to judge the nations.

There was looked at the unfolding Abraham Accords which are transforming the Middle East. The speaker  Don Pearce looked at the development of Britain and her allies to play their role in these last days as Britain emerges from her 70 years of decline, precisely on time! For him it is clear:

We are living in exciting times that herald the return of the Lord Jesus.



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