Today’s Thought: The lowest place

“Who am I, O Lord God? and what is my house,
that thou hast brought me hitherto?”

When we take the lowest place and “seek not high things” we need have no fear of falling. Pride is the destroyer of men’s souls. We rise in the balloon of our own self-esteem, only to fall to earth when our vanity is punctured. Most of our “taking offence” and our super-sensitivity at criticism are but flowers which thrive in the garden of pride. The Man who became the world’s outcast and bore the scorn of a people who should have reverenced him, had no pride to lose. He took no offence. Having become the servant of all, he had taken the lowest place. From the height of heaven the Spirit of God came to his lifeless body in the tomb of Gethsemane and called him to come forth. “Friend, come up higher”, the words of the Lord’s own parable, were exquisitely fulfilled in the Master himself. Exalted and given a name which is above every name, he received the blessing of immortality and was caught up to heaven to the presence of God the Father.

Harry Tennant, The Man David, page 35.

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