Brothers and sisters in Christ, united by the bond of the spirit

Pleased to find you here.

For those who wonder what Christadelphians are … we are brothers and sisters in Christ, united by the bond of the spirit  —  a bond that is as unbreakable as the flesh-and-blood ties between actual family members.

Our church is not just a building. It’s a home for our family. Together we feel united with Christ, living by the hope Christ Jesus has given the world.

Most of the time you’ll hear us speaking about our “ecclesia“. That ecclesia is the congregation of those who feel like being brothers and sisters in Jesus’ name. United under his spirit, following his teachings, we want to worship his God and let this God be known to others as well. The same way as Jesus trusted his heavenly Father and wanted to do His will, we also want to do the Will of God and give ourselves in His Hands.

Find to read:

  1. Jehovah strength, armour and refuge
  2. God’s Hope and Our Hope
  3. Hope with a Foundation
  4. People of God
  5. United people under Christ
  6. Relationship with God, Jesus and each other
  7. Nurturing a Close Relationship with God
  8. Out of church Christians
  9. Integrity of the fellowship
  10. Who are the Christadelphians or Brothers in Christ
  11. Christadelphian People – who or what
  12. Characteristic of a true Christadelphian
  13. Christadelphia’s Faith
  14. History of the Christadelphians
  15. John Thomas – Namesake and inspirer
  16. Dr. John Thomas
  17. Thomasites
  18. Thomasites, Russellites – Christadelphians and Biblestudents
  19. Christadelphian’s Aim
  20. Life in Christadelphia
  21. Life of Discipleship
  22. Meeting – Vergadering
  23. Congregate, to gather, to meet
  24. Congregation – Congregatie
  25. Keeping an ecclesia in modern times
  26. Small churches of the few Christadelphians
  27. Ecclesia and Ecclesial Shepherds
  28. Ecclesia in Christadelphia
  29. Today’s thought “That you be united in the same mind” (February 20)
  30. A breathing ecclesia
  31. Testimony of a Christadelphian
  32. Wanting to become a Christadelphian

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