Thou canst make me clean

Looking into the eyes of Jesus, the leper found his confidence once more; he fell forward on his face, his cry of faith rang out,

“Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean”.

He waited a breathless eternity. Suddenly he felt firm, gentle hands close on his scaly flesh, the first human touch he had known for years, and then he heard the voice of Jesus. The leper’s “if” had moved the Lord. His response was, “I will”. And then with a word of authority, the evil flesh melted under his touch, the scarred and wasted body glowed with health.

Would that the deeper leprosy of the soul could be so easily dismissed! But that is a slower work, a work in which Christ can only minister with the steady co-operation of the sufferer. Faith has to be joined by a dedication of the heart and the will. But the victory can be won if the desire for spiritual health is as great as was the leper’s longing for physical perfection. For the Lord’s “I will” to the cry “thou canst” has lost none of its effectiveness.

Melva Purkis, A Life of Jesus, page 108.



Today’s thought “Cleansing of the leper under the Law” (March 7)

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