Whose son art thou?

Fame and infamy are attached to family names. Jeroboam the son of Nebat was a name to be shunned: to be spiritually associated with it was a sin and a judgement.

“Son of man”, a title taken to himself by the Lord Jesus, is one we all bear. It takes us back in time to the beginning of things when sin and death came into the world through the first man Adam.

“Son of God” was Christ’s title by birth and spoke of divine intervention in human affairs. It will be bestowed by adoption upon those who, though “now” the sons of God, will receive the full experience of the divine nature in the age to come. It is good for us to ask ourselves each day:

Whose son art thou?

This will help us to decide the course to take, the words to use and the thoughts to think in everyday living.

Harry Tennant, The Man David, page 32.

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