Ukraine – What we know & What can we do

We know that some of our brothers and sisters live in areas that are at elevated risk for bombardment and invasion. We know that refugees are particularly vulnerable, with uncertain circumstances and conditions. We know that the primary method for brothers and sisters in Ukraine, as well as Russia, to fellowship is through the

We know that Internet access, especially outside of these countries is potentially at risk. We know that our Russian brothers and sisters are highly likely to experience considerable difficulty due to the economic sanctions being imposed, making their lives even more difficult. Finally, we know that the rulers of all lands are under the control
of the angels, and our objective is for all brethren to live peaceable and godly lives, absent from constant threat of

So, “What can I do?”

1. Pray for those in Ukraine who are under threat of attack, and for their families that may be threatened.
Ask our Heavenly Father to be their fortress and remove them from harm’s way.

2. Pray for those who have successfully left Ukraine but are in various states of uncertainty in their present
circumstances, as well as what their future may be. Ask God to protect them during this time of great

3. Pray that we may continue to have a window of opportunity to communicate, worship and preach in Ukraine and Russia. This may include praying that Mr. Putin does not order severe Internet restrictions.

4. Pray for our brothers and sisters in Russia, who are also victims of this war. Pray that they may be blessed
with adequate resources to feed and house their families during these times of strict economic sanctions
that are isolating Russia from other world economies.

5. Pray for Mr. Putin and the Russian government to cease from their continued invasion. Pray for the leaders of Ukraine, as they attempt to govern a people that are under great duress. Pray for the nations that engage in opposition to the war, that they will not cause further harm.

That’s five items to include on our own prayer list. We are sure that you can include more.



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