South Africa – In God’s Hands


We have been blessed with good health and energy out here in South Africa to continue to support the ongoing projects and help out wherever we can. We have established a good routine of travel between projects in Cape Town and in the Hopefield area and the car just about goes on autopilot between the two areas and we have a home away from home established on both sites.

We are enjoying each project and strengthening our relationships with many of the recipients. We pray for continued guidance and blessing on all the work we do. We also ask for God’s blessing on all the work we do here in South Africa. We know that all is in God’s hands and that no plans are able to be undertaken without His support. We are thankful for the many God moments which are revealed to us every day, which just helps to strengthen our faith daily and keep us motivated, energised and determined to be able to continue to serve in this manner for our Father.

“We have continued to support the community at Green Village. Handing out hot food on the second Friday of each month. The community ensures that the children are all fed first before elderly and others come along to get their food. The children line up from smallest to biggest to make sure that the little ones are not pushed aside, there is a lot less pushing in the lines now as the community have more faith that the huge pots will feed all and there is enough to go around. The children do sometimes bring bowls big enough to take food back to all the others at home to share.”
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