Special Gatherings for June-July 2022

Sat 4th June 2022 (God willing)
Speaker: Bro. Andrew Bramhill (Stratford-upon-Avon)
Theme: If Christ came today

2 talks.
1 – Am I ready?
2 – Is my ecclesia ready?

Location: Aughton Village Hall (Sat Nav L39 5DH).

Times: Tea 4:30. Fraternal 6:00.


9 July – Fellowship + Study + BBQ 2022

Fellowship + Study + BBQ
Sat 9th July 2022 10am to 8pm
God willing
Bro Luke Whitehouse (Shirley)
Cutlers Farm near Henley-in-Arden

One big field, Studies led by brother Luke Whitehouse,

Fellowship activities of games, walks and chats in the afternoon with BBQ and singing round campfire to finish.
Suitable for all ages. Bible activities for children.

Booking required https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdcuxweLPz066vT1cr7tl6lJ4sUuQbNl3_p-xRxEMMavHxKAA/viewform

£20pp £60per family. We are keen that money isn’t a barrier to anyone attending so please get in touch.
Cutlers Farm, near Henley in Arden
Further details: timaustin@blueyonder.co.uk

From: Stephen Snobelen <snobelen@dal.ca>

The Halifax Project

In 2002, shortly after our family arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we sent out an appeal to the ecclesial world called “The Halifax Project”. We asked open-hearted brothers and sisters to think about supporting our small ecclesia through holiday visits or relocating to become members.
God blessed our effort with a number of brothers and sisters who supported a domestic mission in 2002 and several others who moved to the province. During the COVID pandemic, Nova Scotia did relatively well, benefiting from being almost an island. This and other factors have made Nova Scotia an attractive destination: more than 10,000 people moved to the province from other parts of Canada during the pandemic — including those who are able to work remotely.

At this time we are renewing our appeal to brothers and sisters to consider Nova Scotia in their holiday plans, university training (the city has five universities) or relocation for work or retirement. The province is surrounded by the ocean and is filled with sites of natural beauty. Despite the recent migration to the province, real estate prices are still much below the national average. Those who move here will find a less hectic pace of life and a warm ecclesial environment.

Please visit the following site to learn more about the province and opportunities here:
Our ecclesial website is:
Those interested in reaching out should feel free to contact us at:

Steve (rec. bro.) and Julie Snobelen
Halifax, Nova Scotia Christadelphian Ecclesia


Know Questions and Bible Crosswords – New Testament

Know Questions and Bible Crosswords books are available from Lulu.com

Our most recent crossword book covers the New Testament in Biblical Order.

To order just use the link below on your computer or tablet.


Then scroll down the page for a list of all the books that are currently available.


Jack & Shirley Robinson
Kitchener-Waterloo Ecclesia
Ontario, Canada

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