May We Eat 2022


May We Eat 2022

A month of focused fundraising to help those who are in real need this May

In May 2014 we began #MayWeEat, a whole month focused on raising funds to help those who are really in need. Because of it’s success we have run it every year since!

This year we are running it again, but with a twist! As well as a month of focused fundraising for Meal-a-Day, this May we’re also offering you the chance to learn more about the work Meal-a-Day does by posting a daily update on our Facebook Page.

May We Eat 2022

We know that May is just around the corner, but don’t worry there is still time to organise something big or small.

You could challenge your household to do something like give up chocolate for a month and donate the money you would have spent. Or you could host a meal with close family and friends and ask them to contribute towards May We Eat.

There are plenty of ideas on our website, which you can find here.

Giving Online

There are plenty of ways to give online, the easiest ways to donate (and the ones we recommend) are:

  1. Donate online through our Just Giving Portal – simply follow the link
  2. Donate through Text – click here for more details
  3. Electronic Bank Transfers – make a direct electronic donation, click here for more details

Learn more about Meal-a-Day

As well as a month of dedicated fundraising this May, we’re also giving you the opportunity to get closer to the work of Meal-a-Day projects. Follow our Facebook page for daily updates every day in May and find out more about how the projects Meal-a-Day supports are making lives better.

Don’t have Facebook? Don’t worry, you can find updates available on our May We Eat webpage as well (follow this link).

To give you an idea of the type of updates you can expect on a daily basis throughout May, we wanted to share some information on one of the projects we sponsor – Talia School in Sierra Leone.

The Talia School in Eastern Sierra Leone is a community primary school providing education to 200 children. Meal-a-Day help support the school through providing food, learning materials, uniforms, and exam fees as well as supporting some of the staff. Meal-a-Day has also recently funded the building of a new classroom.

The academic results of the school are excellent, with a 100% pass rate (vs national average of 60%), and in a country where the literacy rate is 43%, education is vital in giving these children a brighter future.

Below is a message of thanks from the Head Girl at Talia School (click the image below to play the video)

We look forward to sharing more about the work of Meal-a-Day

Don’t forget that you can view a list of projects you can sponsor on Sponsor List and Merchandise available to purchase by clicking here

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