Different translation method for Breaking of bread services on Zoom

On Sundays 29 May and 5 June we will trial a different translation method for our breaking of bread services.

  • We will use a new Zoom link for these two services:
  • Farsi listeners will need to switch to a different audio channel on Zoom
  • Farsi listeners attending the hall should bring a device and headphones to log in to Zoom and access the Farsi channel

We will share the above information in Farsi on our WhatsApp group.

We have engaged an interpreter to translate English to Farsi simultaneously, which enables everyone to stay together for the whole service, with no breakout rooms.

The CIL have provided an upgraded Zoom account to access the interpretation feature, which is why we will use a different Zoom link for these two Sundays. This is funded by the CIL and may enable us to reduce costs by closing our existing Zoom account. This might become a permanent change to our Zoom link, but this is to be confirmed.

The services for these Sundays will be conducted primarily in English. Participants who need the Farsi translation should select a different audio channel on Zoom to hear the interpreter instead of the English speaker.

As part of the setup we will run live English subtitles on the screen, to aid the interpreter. Participants have control to switch this off their screens if preferred.

Running services with inputs from both languages would be challenging as it would require all participants to switch back and forth between the English and Farsi audio channels on Zoom. This is why we have decided to run this trial with services primarily in English. If we decide to use this approach in future, it will be possible to have our services led by Iranian brothers and sisters, with simultaneous translation provided for English listeners.

We will be interested to hear feedback from all members on what they think of this translation method.

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