The Month of May and Running the race

Run the Race

When I was at school, the month of May meant only
one thing…..
Practising for Sports day.

Today, children are encouraged to just take part, and they are all winners. Helping others along the way to finish together.
When I was at school, it was all about the winning!

Who could run fastest.
Who could throw furthest.

Who could jump highest.

Winners were winners, and losers were just that losers.
Winners received prizes, losers were scorned.

There were cheers, and plenty of boos.

I hated Sports day. Whilst I enjoyed hockey and netball team games, I hated the one against one
competition of Athletics mainly because I was rubbish, and not really built to run!

We are told in the Bible in Hebrews 12 that we need to ‘run the race’ ,but we are also told that
‘bodily exercise profits little’ in 1 Timothy 4v8 which is correct?

Of course we need to exercise.
For our hearts and minds exercise is good, but too much can become an obsession and take us
away from other activities that matter.

So, what race do we need to run?

Of course, this is the race to the Kingdom. This race is much better than the ones I failed miserably at
school. This race, (perhaps more apt to call it an Obstacle Course) makes everyone a winner!

Photo by RUN 4 FFWPU on

It’s about getting to the finish line some may reach that before others, but everyone has a chance
to finish and win… and have help from others along the way.

And the prize eternal life!

No boos, but cheers from the Heavenly Hosts.

As we watch our children on Sports Day, or think about exercise for ourselves, let us remember the most important race of our lives.



Dear Lord,

Please be with us as we run the race to your Kingdom.
Some of us may be slower through lack
faith, anxiety, and fatigue.
Give us the encouragement and strength needed to make it to the finish.

Please help us to help others to the end,
giving them encouragement as you have to us.



Jane Edwards

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