Signs of the Times – “Israel’s vaccine success”

(With thanks to Brother Roger Long)

Along with many other countries, Israel has been badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic – with nearly 6,000 deaths out of a population approaching nine million. The country’s third lockdown began at the end of last December, but restrictions have now been relaxed following the success of its vaccination programme. This has been the envy of other nations, with over half of the population having received the first jab and 42 per cent the second. The BBC reported last month that

“Israel has the highest vaccination rate in the world” (February 21).

An article in the digital magazine Unherd has argued that the success is due to “a confluence of factors” unique to Israel: the country’s universal health system, a fully digitised records and appointments system, an adequate vaccine supply, and the speed and efficiency with which it distributed the vaccines (February 22).

For Israelis and indeed the citizens of other countries, the actions of governments and the skill of scientists have been a great blessing. Even so, the pandemic has provided a stark and, for many, distressing reminder of human frailty, the only solution to which is the return of the Lord Jesus and the establishment of God’s kingdom upon earth.



Coronavirus, Vaccinations and an Old and New World


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