Looking at the March’s issue of The Christadelphian: 150th anniversary of the death of Brother John Thomas

Better late than never, we would like to tell you what’s in the March and April’s issue of The Christadelphian.

The March issue of The Christadelphian was published on February 26. This issue (and April’s) marks the 150th anniversary of the death of Brother John Thomas, who fell asleep in the Lord Jesus on March 5, 1871.

Brother Peter Hemingray has written a brief summary of Brother Thomas’ life which will be of interest to those unfamiliar with all that was done to promote the Gospel in the USA and UK.

We also would like to remind you, you can find more about Dr. Thomas life and work at our websites:

Belgian Christadelphians:

  1. Brief History
  2. History of the Christadelphians
  3. Foundation
  4. John Thomas – Namesake and inspirer
  5. Thomasites
  6. Who are the Christadelphians or Brothers in Christ


  1. Dr. John Thomas
  2. Thomasites, Russellites – Christadelphians and Biblestudents

Other articles in the March issue of the Christadelphian magazine include a joint editorial (co-written with the Australian bi-monthly publication containing ecclesial news, exposition, practical advice and exhortations particularly relevant to the brethren and sisters in the Australian Christadelphian ecclesias, Lampstand magazine in Adelaide) about the coronavirus and its effect on faith and ecclesial life.

In Australia it seemed the corona restrictions met with opposing views. At times, brethren were getting heated in an un-Christlike manner about these issues causing divisions within their ecclesiae, as you will be able to read tomorrow. Some have even felt compelled to protest publicly against the government — something we as a community don’t do for solid biblical reasons.

There is also a review of Milestones 2020, an encouraging publication which concentrates on signs and prophecies fulfilled.

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