Ukraine update 21 April 2022

The horrible images we’ve seen from Ukraine have troubled us all. Beyond the agony being felt by all families across Ukraine is our own concern for our brothers, sisters and family members in the country. It is very difficult to get good information on what has happened to our community members in this region, yet we all wish we might be able to help.

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, the quick victory that Russia might have expected has not materialised. With mounting losses, reports suggest that Moscow is even calling up retired soldiers as the focus of military activity moves once more to the east and south of Ukraine. President Putin has claimed that “his invasion was motivated by a desire to rid Ukraine of Nazis and to reconnect the two nations. But with his invasion stalling … Russian attacks on civilian targets have increased and top Kremlin officials have talked of destroying Ukrainian culture and Ukraine as a nation” (Daily Telegraph, April 11). When and on what terms this conflict will cease we do not yet know. However, Mr Putin’s aims are unlikely to change – they will not be abandoned even if they cannot be fulfilled immediately.

As we view these events from a Biblical perspective, we know that the final “time of trouble” for this dispensation will culminate in the return of our Lord and the establishment of his kingdom – but the timescale has not been revealed to us. As Jesus reminded his apostles:

“It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power” (Acts 1:7).

We too must wait patiently as our Heavenly Father works out His purpose.

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