2022 April’s issue of The Christadelphian and The Testimony

April’s issue of The Christadelphian was published on 25 March. This month we conclude Brother Mark Sheppard’s informative and thought-provoking series reviewing the many shepherds of God’s flock, Sister Emily Friedrich considers the blessings of being still and resting in the Lord, and an enquiry is launched into the history of the Forest Oak Ecclesia – whose early members met under an oak tree in the Forest of Dean (see May’s issue for more information). And in a rather unusual piece (‘God’s fingerprints on the moon’) Brother Stephen Hughes shows why the moon is essential to life on earth, explaining that it has been designed to perfection (like the rest of the Almighty’s wondrous creation).

Forest of Dean
Forest of Dean – Path throught the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, Eng. © David Hughes/Shutterstock.com

April’s issue of Testimony will be distributed on Thursday. This contains the latest joint statement on the progress being made for merging Testimony and The Christadelphian from January 2023. The same report will also appear in May’s issue of The Christadelphian.

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