Today’s thought “Fear-of-God, also in times of war, is a school in skilled living” (April 05)

In these days, when we get to see horrible pictures of war crimes, we see enough proof of how man has gone far away from the precepts or prescriptions of God.

We can wonder what would have gone into those heads of soldiers who raped and tortured those people in Ukraine. Clearly there have been people at work who are no lovers of discipline but are men of wicked ideas. (Proverbs 12:1-2)

We know that the steering by the wicked ones is deception. (Prov. 12:5) And we can wonder who is leading those Russian soldiers. Did they from frustration do such barbarism, or was it ordered by their leaders to do so?

Have they forgotten that GOD doesn’t miss a thing and that He knows the heart and is alert to good and evil alike.

“The eyes of Jehovah are in every place, Keeping watch upon the evil and the good.” (Pr 15:3 ASV)

Those who are member of the Russian Orthodox Church, how can they dare still to enter such church when they did what we could se in many pictures from different international press members?

It might be a good possibility that those young soldiers are misled by their leaders and that cutting words wounded and maimed them. And because moral dropouts won’t listen to their churchleaders but give more attention to their worldly leaders they do not have an ear for what is good or bad.

“4  A gentle tongue is a tree of life; But perverseness therein is a breaking of the spirit. 5  A fool despiseth his father’s correction; But he that regardeth reproof getteth prudence.” (Pr 15:4-5 ASV)

They should come to know that a misspent life will have to face the memories of acts not worthy of a man’s actions and bringing the person down.

“In the house of the righteous is much treasure; But in the revenues of the wicked is trouble.” (Pr 15:6 ASV)

Already for months, we can hear words of the deceiver Putin. We do not know what he told those boys who went to the south of Russia before the invasion started. But we do know, that many youngsters thought they were going for a military exercise, not for a military mission, and certainly not for going to war. Some of them expressed that they were displeased because they had been lied to and now had to fight against their own blood brothers.

They and we should remember that God can’t stand pious poses, and therefore we should be careful what we think, hope and say. Because in this situation of wartime, it is quite easy to become tempted to say and do the wrong things. When we are ordered to do something against God’s Wishes we should refuse to do it. At all times we should check if our actions are in accordance with the Law of God.

We should know that a life frittered away disgusts God, Who loves those who run straight for the finish line.

“The way of the wicked is an abomination to Jehovah; But he loveth him that followeth after righteousness.” (Pr 15:9 ASV)

“I find then the law, that, to me who would do good, evil is present.” (Ro 7:21 ASV)

Even when evil is around us, we should be brave enough to make the right choice, doing the Will of God. It is not man we should fear, but the Most High Elohim. We also should know man is able to kill us, but there is more to this earth, and when we are children of God they shall not be able to take away that.

“The fear of Jehovah is the beginning of wisdom; A good understanding have all they that do [his commandments]: His praise endureth for ever.” (Ps 111:10 ASV)

“Let all the earth fear Jehovah: Let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him.” (Ps 33:8 ASV)

“The fear of Jehovah is to hate evil: Pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, And the perverse mouth, do I hate.” (Pr 8:13 ASV)

“A wise man feareth, and departeth from evil; But the fool beareth himself insolently, and is confident.” (Pr 14:16 ASV)

“And I say unto you my friends, Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do.” (Lu 12:4 ASV)

Yes, those soldiers who did so many atrocities shall have to live with what goes on in their mind. It’s a school of hard knocks for those who leave God’s path, a dead-end street for those who hate God’s rules. Even the grave shall not hold secrets from God, because be sure, that He can read human hearts.

“10  There is grievous correction for him that forsaketh the way; [And] he that hateth reproof shall die. 11  Sheol and Abaddon are before Jehovah: How much more then the hearts of the children of men!” (Pr 15:10-11 ASV)

Know-it-alls don’t like being told what to do; they avoid the company of wise men and women. In these times of darkness many may wonder where God is. It is up to lovers of God to tell why God has abandoned certain people and how He is willing to be with others.

Even when we have to face hardships let us be aware of what God has promised and have a cheerful heart bringing a smile to our face. People should know that even when there are very difficult times, it is possible to live a life without fear or anxiety in spite of all the trouble we encounter.

“A glad heart maketh a cheerful countenance; But by sorrow of heart the spirit is broken.” (Pr 15:13 ASV)

“15  All the days of the afflicted are evil; But he that is of a cheerful heart [hath] a continual feast. 16  Better is little, with the fear of Jehovah, Than great treasure and trouble therewith.” (Pr 15:15-16 ASV)

With the knowledge that a sad heart makes it hard to get through the day, let us think about all the promises God has given the world. Let us as intelligent people always be eager to take in more truth, continuously reading God’s Word and following His Guidance.

For those fools who feed on fast-food fads and fancies and who prefer to misuse others and bring terror on others, they shall have to live with a miserable heart meaning a miserable life.

We might not have so much and be very limited, but let us be assured that a simple life in the Fear-of-God is better than a rich life with a ton of headaches.

There may be many around who as empty-headed treat life as a plaything, but let us be wiser and as the perceptive grasp the meaning of God’s Word and make a go of it, taking good counsel in it.

“21  Folly is joy to him that is void of wisdom; But a man of understanding maketh straight his going. 22  Where there is no counsel, purposes are disappointed; But in the multitude of counsellors they are established.” (Pr 15:21-22 ASV)

In these times of confusion and political distress, several people would love to hear from us words which are not in line with the Bible. Therefore, let us be on alert, watch out for what we say. Let us take part of a congenial conversation — what a pleasure! The right word at the right time — beautiful!

“A man hath joy in the answer of his mouth; And a word in due season, how good is it!” (Pr 15:23 ASV)

Let God put words of grace and beauty on display in what we say and do.

“Evil devices are an abomination to Jehovah; But pleasant words [are] pure.” (Pr 15:26 ASV)

In these times of trouble let us pray and be on the lookout for prayerful answers that come from God-loyal people. God-loving people may feel that unity and should together try to get other people also come to feel that love of the God Who closely attends to the prayers of God-loyal people.

“Jehovah is far from the wicked; But he heareth the prayer of the righteous.” (Pr 15:29 ASV)

Let us have a twinkle in the eye meaning joy in the heart for the good news which God has provided makes us feel fit as a fiddle.

“The light of the eyes rejoiceth the heart; [And] good tidings make the bones fat.” (Pr 15:30 ASV)

If you want to live well, listen to what God has to say and become an honoured guest among wise men and women, willing to love according to the Law of God and being united under the Body of Christ. We may be sure that an undisciplined, self-willed life is puny but an obedient, God-willed life is spacious.

“31  The ear that hearkeneth to the reproof of life Shall abide among the wise. 32  He that refuseth correction despiseth his own soul; But he that hearkeneth to reproof getteth understanding.” (Pr 15:31-32 ASV)

Yes, let us not forget and remind others, that Fear-of-God is a school in skilled living — first you learn humility, then you experience glory.

“The fear of Jehovah is the instruction of wisdom; And before honor [goeth] humility.” (Pr 15:33 ASV)



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