Worldwide Call to Prayer for Brethren in Ukraine and Russia

“For many years the brotherhood has watched for the time of the end and the return of the Lord Jesus, expecting movement from the north on countries further south and eventually into the Promised Land. Whilst we hope that the current events in Ukraine may be part of that fulfillment, we should not forget that we have brothers and sisters on both sides of that conflict, in both Ukraine and Russia.

The Christadelphian Bible Mission has been encouraging the prayers of the brotherhood as the conflict has developed, but now seeks for brothers and sisters throughout the world to join them in united prayer for those of our number in Russia and Ukraine.

May our Heavenly Father watch over our brothers and sisters who are affected in any way by this conflict, guide them to safety and so far as is possible to protect them where they cannot move. Above all, we pray that He will send His Son to establish the Kingdom promised for so long.

With love in the Lord,

Mark Sheppard”

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