Signs of the Times – “Distress of nations …”

(With thanks to Brother Roger Long)

As Russia’s war in Ukraine continues, with appalling suffering being inflicted on the people of that state, the western world has imposed major sanctions on Moscow, sanctions that will inevitably have an impact on life in many nations – such is the nature of our interconnected world.

A recent article in the Daily Telegraph, by Rachel Millard, had the arresting headline,

“War risks unrest in Middle East as bread prices soar” (March 7).

It notes that

“Wheat prices have climbed 25pc since the invasion on February 24 and are likely to escalate further … Russia and Ukraine together account for about 14pc of global wheat production and about 14pc of global corn production … BCA Research, the global macro-research firm, says foodstuffs are not flowing from the Black Sea region, threatening exports for which the Middle East is a key market”. This could provoke civil unrest in the region, and the situation is likely to get worse: if the war continues, farmers in Ukraine will be unable to plant and harvest this year.

The Lord Jesus said that prior to his return there would be “distress of nations, with perplexity” – surely that is what we are now witnessing.



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