Watch Crisis in Crimea & Ukraine – talk from 2014!

I am sure we are watching in horror Russia invade Ukraine.
But we also expected this to happen with Bible in hand and know that these terrible events are only the start.

The Bible clearly says that Russia will pulled down south into Israel at some point…..soon.

8 years ago in 2014 I did a talk when Russia annexed Crimea which was part of Ukraine.

It helps put into context what is happening today in 2021.

The link to that video is below. And below that is Prophecy Review 2021 which develops the Ukraine theme further.

Hope this helps.

Andy Walton

The world order is changing. Peace that has lasted since World War 2 is on the brink of ending.

World War 3 is at hand

Russian moves into Ukraine are the first steps towards Armageddon. Watch this presentation that shows you the Bible perspective on Russia, Ukraine and what happens next….

The great prophecies of Daniel given 2,600 ago are explained. History and archaeology help identify all the symbols used to portray in the prophecies. By examining the Word of God, personal faith is developed and we can be assured of the outworking of the purpose of God.



A look at 2021

We look back at 2021 with Bible in hand to watch God’s hand working in the world. This talk was given at Newport Bible Class on zoom on the 3rd Feb 2022. Momentous events are soon to happen…





  1. Signs of the times – “Britain and the Gulf”
  2. Putin’s ‘staged atrocity’ plan to justify Russian invasion of Ukraine
  3. Prepare for Russian invasion of Ukraine, US warns European allies
  4. Russia choose to start a war


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