Religious services, gatherings and restrictions

At the moment we are in code Red in Belgium and therefore we want to keep everything safe for the wellbeing of all.

Having our ecclesiae operational is a good witness to the public, providing of course that we are following the regulations. In certain countries, the ecclesia halls are open again for the public. In Newbury we have a limited amount of people for coming together in the hall, whilst the majority enjoys being united by the modern technology of Hang Outs Meet. The Mons and Brussel-Leuven ecclesiae from Belgium meet together with our brothers and sisters from Newbury.

Whatever else may come our way in the coming months, let us do our best to abide by the strict local Corona measures. Let us do our utmost to follow the hygiene rules, keep our distance and wear mouth masks.

The gloom and darkness which hangs over many parts of society needs the brightness and positive message to shine from our ecclesial lampstands. It has been rightly noted that current worldwide problems might not prompt many people to turn to God but for those of us who pay attention to His Word these are remarkable signs indeed. Therefore we should not be discouraged or disheartened, even though the problems and sufferings might be great, but we should be emboldened to speak out and lift our heads to look for the return of our Lord.

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