A type of pneumonia not seen before

We’ve just past the two-year anniversary of people in Wuhan experiencing a type of pneumonia not seen before, and soon we’ll pass the milestone for the identification of a new coronavirus.  We know what came next:  the disease quickly spreading, and before we knew it, a pandemic affecting every corner of the globe.  So much disruption, so much sickness, so many families grieving for loved ones lost.

As we pass these second anniversaries, it’s clear the trouble is far from over.

The Williamsburg Christadelphian Foundation in Faithful Journey helps individuals and families grow a faith that endures all the ups and downs of life.
They look at what seems too weak a word though what we may find a very serious word, bothering lots of times.

The word “Trouble” can also be found several times in the Bible. Recall Daniels’ prophecy of “a time of trouble such as never has been,” for example. (Dan 12:1) Dig a little more, and you’ll find that some of the words translated “trouble” can also be translated “tribulation”. Now there’s a word that can never be thought of as weak.

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