France 2021 update

In the beautiful country where this posting was made ready to be published, we do not seem to get many people in the planes interested in our faith. But after several years of low-scale activity, the tempo has picked up.

In 2019 we reported on the baptism of 2 Iranians (husband and wife), who subsequently left France (the sister to Canada, the brother, back to Iran, still waiting for the opportunity to rejoin his wife). In 2020 a further 2 Iranians were baptised, this time via Zoom, with over 50 ‘attending’.
One of them is currently studying in Belgium, but both have become long-distance members of West Birmingham ecclesia where there is already a significant Iranian membership.

During the course of the year, we became aware of the presence of some refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo who had been granted asylum in France. For their benefit a weekly bi-lingual Breaking of Bread was started on Zoom, and there are now between 20 and 30 from across France, Belgium and the UK regularly attending. This includes up to 4 of these Congolese brethren. The occasional visits to our elderly Sister Suzanne Faihy have inevitably not happened recently, but happily, she is now able to join the Breaking of Bread meetings by Zoom.

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