Romania 2021 update

Dominated by the great arc of the Carpathian Mountains, whose highest peak, Moldoveanu we find Romania, or Rumania, with its national capital Bucharest. The great arc of the Carpathians is accompanied by an outer fringe of rolling terrain known as the Subcarpathians and extending from the Moldova River in the north to the Motru River in the southwest.

Though the country became it became a member of the European Union it seems to struggle with our democratic values and liberties. Certain groups in the population have a lot of difficulties expressing themselves. The Roma (Gypsies) make up a small percentage of the population and are often cast aside.

Under communist rule, religion was officially viewed as a personal matter. Strangely enough, at that time relatively few restrictions were placed upon it (compared with those imposed by other communist regimes), although the government made efforts to undermine religious teachings and faith in favour of science and empiricism, most Romanians stayed devout. After the 1989 revolution, Romanians were free to practice their religions but got a rise again in the Romanian Orthodox Church.
Roman Catholicism is the primary religion of ethnic Hungarians and Swabian Germans. The Eastern rite (in the past often called Uniates) church being prominent in the historic eastern European region, ancient autonomous principality within the Ottoman Empire, Transylvania.

Our Romanian brethren have benefitted from being able to hold regular online meetings with brothers and sisters in Romania, with a Bible Class each Thursday evening and a Breaking of Bread each Sunday afternoon. They are grateful for the support of a number of brothers and sisters from the UK in sustaining these meetings, but much of the initiative has come from their Romanian brothers and sisters themselves.

Our Romanian brothers and sisters also actively keep in touch with each other and with us via social media and by telephone. We trialled an online preaching event earlier in the year and hope to repeat this. We continue to gain new contacts via our Romanian-language website.

They let us know.

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