Greece 2021 update

On our visits to the Greek islands, we more than once could witness how vendors of candles sold them to church visitors and as soon as the visitor was gone, took them away to resell them.

The established church of Greece, and one of the most important autocephalous, or ecclesiastically independent, churches of the Eastern Orthodox communion is the Church of Greece, also called Greek Orthodox Church. It organised as a state church according to the pattern adopted in Russia under Peter the Great.

Most of the non-Orthodox sector of the population belong to Islam. The Muslim (primarily Sunni) minority is mainly Turkish and concentrated in western Thráki and the Dodecanese. Parts which were in ancient times under Italian rule, have Roman and Greek Catholic members.

As in other parts of Europe outside the UK, our Greek brethren and sisters live in isolation.

Our brothers and sisters regularly join online breaking of bread meetings with an ecclesia in Canada, and we are also able to keep in touch with them via email and social media. We are thankful that our Greek brothers and sisters have not been adversely affected economically. We have also gained new contacts this year via the CBM Greek-language website.

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