To Give Glory to God and His Son & Final Bible Time programme July – December 2021

To Give Glory to God and His Son

Prayer and WhatsApp Groups update – Jane Edwards has recently combined the two prayer groups (one for English and the other for Farsi speakers) into the retitled ‘Newbury Prayers گروه دعا ‘. An issue will be translation to ensure speakers of both languages know what is being requested / thanks are being offered for.

Bible Time programme

Br. Tim has put this together following requests and ideas from various members, including Iranian contacts. Some speakers have put forward their own suggestions.
We need to do more to encourage Farsi speakers to join the Bible Time service. This includes providing translation and an invitation to attend as some of the topics are in response to matters they have raised. Having Q&A sessions through the rest of the year are dependent on how the first one or two go.
We need to think more about Bible Time’s’s purpose and function in the autumn, especially as we return to more being at the hall and needs will change.

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