D R Congo – East/West & South/East 2021 update

D R Congo – East/West

Brethren from Kinshasa were able to go to places that were originally on the schedule for the annual visit from the UK, including short visits to Kwilu-Ngongo and Matadi in the west, and a much longer visit to Goma and Bukavu in the east. During those visits a total of 21 baptisms took place. Veronica buckets and digital thermometers were widely purchased – in some areas they were specifically required by the local authorities as a condition for ecclesial meetings continuing.

D R Congo – South/East

File:Kalemie 02.jpg
The market in front of the Maïndéleo church which signals the city centre of Kalémie.

The spread of the truth has progressed well despite local officials reinforcing health and preventive measures. All ecclesias were supplied with water and soap to use prior to memorial services, but there was difficulty in sourcing thermometers. Preaching initiatives (similar to those in Burundi) have been introduced. Local brethren visited the Ubwari area along the shore of Lake Tanganyika – to Katete, Nguma, Muji Mwema, Sebele, Mirimba, Ngaji, Kitalamu, Kavimba, Kamanyola, Nsange, Fizi, and Baraka; and with the launch of the Kamkolobondo ecclesia it is anticipated that the truth will flourish in the Kalemie area as well. More Swahili booklets, leaflets and hymns books will be required to help advance the truth in Kalemie and the Fizi area, and Kazimia needs frequent visits to strengthen the work.

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