Cameroon 2021 update

The internal conflict that has been troubling Cameroon since it flared up into strikes, sporadic violence, and displacement of sections of the population has sadly continued during 2020 with little sign of improvement. Inevitably along with Covid-19 pandemic there have been widespread detrimental effects to ecclesial activity. There have been cases of brethren being kidnapped then released, and at least one brother and sister have lost their lives as a direct result of the conflict.
However not all the news is negative, and we have been blessed by our heavenly Father in many ways.

Just under half of the ecclesias continue to operate, and there have been fraternal gatherings at Benakuma, Tole, Buea and Bonaberi, and also a Sisters’ class. The event at Benakuma attracted over 300 Brothers and Sisters and interested friends, and a similar event is planned for January 2021. We anticipate several baptisms to result from these efforts.

There have been 15 baptisms overall and again we anticipate more in the near future because we know that several candidates have been unable to attend due to violence in their immediate area.

One way in which we have been able to support has been by sending Bibles, Bible reading planners, and Bible literature. In the Benakuma area the four local ecclesias have established a system by which speakers and teachers move around the other ecclesias in the area to provide greater variety in input and fellowship.

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