Deuteronomy for the twenty-first century: Choose life!

For the study and defence of the holy Scripture

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Loving greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ.
2021 Special Issue

Deuteronomy for the twenty-first century: Choose life!

The signs in the nations confirm that our Master’s long-awaited return is very near.

Our pilgrimage through the wilderness of life is almost at an end, and we are poised on the verge of entering our inheritance. Yet even at this eleventh hour, there is a need for instruction and encouragement in the way of life. We will benefit from being reminded of what God has done for us in delivering us from bondage, and what is in store for those who cross over into their inheritance. In this regard, we are exactly like the men and women of Israel as they camped on the plains of Moab prior to crossing over Jordan and taking possession of the land promised to their forefathers.

Moses prepared Israel for entering its inheritance through the dramatic words of Deuteronomy. In this book, the law-giver reviewed and expanded the statutes which had been revealed during the previous forty years, and exhorted the nation to faithful compliance with God’s ways:

“I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that I have set before thee life and death, the blessing and the curse: therefore choose life, that thou mayest live, thou and thy seed” (Deut. 30:19, RV).

It is evident from the text that Deuteronomy was not intended only for the Israelites encamped on the plains of Moab that day. These words were intended for all Israelites in all ages — both natural and spiritual. The prophets repeatedly referred back to the principles enunciated in Deuteronomy, and our Lord had recourse to this book when confronting the tempter in the wilderness. The words of this book remain just as relevant today for the disciples of the Lord as they seek to navigate their own wilderness and the temptations that arise along the way.

This year’s Special Issue of the Testimony expounds the message of Deuteronomy and demonstrates its relevance to the saints in the twenty-first century, encouraging the reader to “choose life.” It runs to 80 pages, equal to two standard monthly issues of the magazine.

Regular subscribers will automatically receive their copy to cover May and June, but single copies are available for purchase separately.

In the previous posting you’ll find the details to order your copy.

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