Previous special issues from The Testimony

Previous special issues from The Testimony

• The Name of Jesus Christ. A survey of Bible teaching on the major aspects of this half of the gospel message. 84 pages. 50p. • The Judges of Israel. Their life and times. 88 pages. 50p. • “Behold the Man!” Studies in the Gospel of Luke. 80 pages. 50p. • “Faith Without Works is Dead.” The important subject of faith and works in theory and in practice. 64 pages. 50p. • “How Shall They Preach?” Preaching in the modern world. 92 pages. 50p.
• 1611–2011: Four Hundred Years of the King James Bible.
Comprehensive anniversary issue. 76 pages. 50p.
• Genesis: The Seedbed of the Bible. An in-depth look at the first
book of the Bible. 88 pages. 50p.
• “Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind.” Living in accord-
ance with God’s wisdom rather than the wisdom of the world. 88 pages. £2.00. • “Feed my sheep.” The Epistles of Peter. 72 pages. £3.00. • Difficult Conversations. Considers conversations recorded in the Word for our learning and guidance. 76 pages. £3.50.
• As you see the Day approaching. Probes how much our lives
should be affected by our belief in the nearness of Christ’s return. 76 pages. £3.50. • The commandments of Christ. An overview of Christ’s commandments and their central place in discipleship. 84 pages. £4.00.

Available from Brother Peter Forbes


Choose life!
— a Testimony Special Issue
God’s way: choose life (Geoff Henstock) “These are the words that Moses spoke” (Peter Heavyside) The structure of Deuteronomy (Jeremy Thomas)
Love in Deuteronomy: a constant theme (Trevor Hughes) The fatherless and the widow (Peter Forbes) Attitudes towards the Canaanite (Vic Aucott) Genocide in Deuteronomy (Jamie Whittaker) Calling and election (Mary Benson) God our Saviour (Sam Mansfield)
Chapters 1–4: Learning from Israel’s failure (Tony Lines)
Chapters 5–11: The Ten Commandments (Peter Hemingray)
Parental responsibility and Deuteronomy (John Quill) A chosen people (Roger Long)
Chapters 12–19: Living in the Kingdom of God (Philip Weatherall)
Idolatry leads to immorality (Ron Hicks) Laws for kings (John Thorpe) The prophet like unto Moses (Eric Marshall) The cities of refuge (Paul Tovell)
Chapter 20: Laws for warfare (John Nicholls) Chapters 21–26: Life in the Land (Tecwyn Morgan)
Chapters 27–28: Blessing and cursing: the binary choice (Reg Carr)
Chapters 29–30: The covenant renewed (Russell Taylor) Chapter 31: A new leader: Joshua (Jordan Walton)
Regular reading of the Law (David Burges)
Chapter 32: The Song of Moses (Mark Allfree)
The Song of Moses: links to other songs in Scripture (Sid Levett)
Chapter 33: Farewell blessings (Mark Vincent) Chapter 34: The death of Moses (Bernard Burt)
Closing Features
Divine titles in Deuteronomy (Leen Ritmeyer) Deuteronomy’s influence on the Old and New Testaments (Michael Edgecombe) Mightier than the giants (Richard Benson) The Book of Deuteronomy: select bibliography


Subscribers to the Testimony will receive copies of Deuteronomy
for the twenty-first century: Choose life! as the May-June issue, but
additional copies are available at £4.50 each plus postage.


Peter and Norma Forbes, 16 Mountfields Drive, Loughborough, LE11 3JE, UK (tel. +44 (0)1509 232214; email


Order via The Testimony website:
Electronic copies in pdf format are available at £4.50 each. Please email to order.

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