Work and career a major focus of young adulthood

The topic of work and careers is a major focus of young adulthood. Becoming financially independent is a goal that can be daunting, especially in our modern economy, where pressure is high and the cost of living even higher.

Though work may seem like a “necessary evil,” it is much more than that. Time is a precious commodity. And the goal is to spend our limited time doing work that puts food on the table and allows time for family life and in the Lord’s service.

Jenni De Caussin, in the Christadelphian Tidings, looks at what the Bible has to say about work, in the article: Careers and Service in the Lord. She writes:

We are given a clear purpose to work hard and bring up families in the Lord. God is good, and there are many blessings and much satisfaction found in the work God has put before us.

Regarding women and women and work in today’s world, she finds

it is quite common for women to work outside the home, in addition to bearing and caring for children (when God chooses to give them children). In most cases, this is just a fact of the financial demands of modern life.

We also know that the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31 did many kinds of work to support the needs of her family. We also have the examples of women like Deborah, Lydia, and Dorcas (Tabitha), working and making contributions to the community.

She reminds us that in the Gospels, a spiritual theme around life and work starts to develop. She also warns us that if we pursue God’s Kingdom and his righteousness, He will take care of the rest.

Today, most people must choose and train for a career since few people are born into a family profession. Unskilled jobs involve long and exhausting work hours, and while they are still good, honest work, they don’t leave much time or energy (physical or mental) for service and learning in the ecclesia.

Though any kind of honest work that puts food on the table and a roof over the head (by God’s grace) is acceptable, some jobs are more desirable than others. For those seeking more of a vocation than just a job that pays the bills (and for those who have opportunity and choices), we can find some food for thought in the parable of the talents (Matt 25: 14-30).

Read more about it: > Careers and Service in the Lord.

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