Inter-ecclesial musical evening

Dear all

If you remember, our planned inter-ecclesial musical evening on 14 March 2020 had to be cancelled, as lockdown was just about to start. Little did we know then what the pandemic would mean, and no one had even heard of Zoom! One thing we have missed is being able to sing together.

It looks like things are getting back to normal at last, and so we are hoping to reschedule our musical evening for Saturday 11 December 2021 at 6pm, God willing. As this date is close to Christmas, it would be a good opportunity to explore the extensive repertoire of Christmas music which we don’t sing the rest of the year.

I appreciate that during the Christmas period, there are likely to be a number of events taking place, so I am giving you plenty of notice so that you can put it in your ecclesial diaries! I do hope you will be able to join us – please let me know if you foresee a problem. We hope that all of you – Newbury, Oxford and Maidenhead – will be able to join us at Reading.

The plan is that each ecclesia will present some musical items of their choice in two sessions of up to 10 minutes each. The items can be religious or secular, instrumental or singing, solos or groups. I will let you know more details nearer the time.

We look forward to seeing you.

Love in the Lord


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