Ecclesial weekend in Newbury: 2021 September 24-26

For months we joined with Newbury and other places to have one internet service in English and Farsi. It was great to join with so many believers from all over the United Kingdom and Belgium.

Ecclesial Weekend in Newbury –

It is remarkable to think that we are now a family of believers at Newbury who include brothers and sisters who have never seen each other face to face and some who have never been to Newbury!

The Admin and Pastoral Committee think that it is important that physically coming together to get to know each other better will help our spiritual union and have been looking at the best way to do this. So please put this date in your diaries for an ecclesial weekend: September 24-26. God willing, we will bring together our long-standing members, new brothers and sisters and those who have close connections to us for fellowship and fun. More information will follow.”

The intention is to have as many brothers and sisters to stay as we can (there is space for 44) with priority given to those coming from a distance.  However, there will be activities for everyone, resident or not, including children. Sunday will be spent at the hall and possibly some of Saturday, but that will depend on what transport arrangements can be made.

We will let you know more about what we might do later, but for now…


We are looking to recruit a few brothers and sisters to make the arrangements for the weekend on behalf of the ecclesia. It will take time and energy but wouldn’t it be great to be part of something that could make such a difference to the experience of fellowship for so many?!

Transport, catering, activities and finances are the things that immediately come to mind. So if you are interested in travel, food, having fun or spending money – get in touch!

We need responses please… plenty from our Iranian brothers…!

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