Healing at the Pool of Bethesda

(An excerpt from The Gospel of John, by Brother John Carter, page 79)

“Since the man who was healed was a chronic case, there was no urgency about his need. The following day would have done equally well. The act of Jesus we may therefore conclude was deliberate, and intended to draw the attention of the rulers to himself.

On the way to his home carrying his mat, the healed man was noticed by the rulers, and was at once accosted and charged with a violation of the sabbath. He replied that the one who had healed him had commanded him to carry home his mat. The narrow outlook of the rulers, their Pharisaic prejudice, is seen from the fact that no concern was shown about the miraculous healing, but interest centred in the breaking of the sabbath law. They do not ask, Who healed thee? but, Who ordered you to carry your mat? But the man did not know, and Jesus had withdrawn himself because of the multitude.

Jesus had not finished his work with the man. His suffering was the result of a life of excess, and Jesus would have him realize the need for reform, and a life in keeping with the wholesome change in his bodily condition. He therefore found him in the temple, and quietly addressed him when alone:

‘Behold, thou art made whole; sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee’.”

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