He Healeth all thy Diseases

Today, for almost everyone, bodily health is a number one priority. When it fails, the enjoyment of life, with its hopes and ambitions, is hindered and halted. Vast amounts of money are spent every year upon getting well and keeping well. More and more, solemn warnings are being issued about the danger of eating wrong food, neglecting exercise and the harmfulness of drink and tobacco.
Perhaps, as never before, health is a major issue in the nation’s consciousness.
People march to express their concern; they protest to demonstrate their fear; they jog to get fit and make the heart strong. It has become common for all kinds of people to do exploits for the purpose of raising money for medical research. There is abroad a real expectation that nowadays medical science will be able to find cures for diseases which at one time were regarded as incurable, and therefore death sentences.

It is not unlikely that government could lose power over the nation’s health and how well it is being serviced. Diseases, once quite unknown to the layman, are now the topics of ordinary conversation. Never before was good health regarded with such importance and pursued so assiduously.

For disciples of Christ spiritual health is even more vital.
The Bible and their experience has taught them that just as the body fails and falters, so does the soul. There are some conditions which are true of both. After all, man is one whole, although he has different parts.
The Apostle Paul speaks of “body, soul and spirit”, but he did not teach that man existed wholly in any one part. The soul is that spiritual quality of human nature which makes man a rational creature, with conscience, emotion and will. The soul therefore is an inseparable part of man – it is the man himself. There are no souls without bodies, but the soul is the non-material element in the combination of parts which make the whole man.

In the realisation that spiritual sickness is a stubborn fact, it is enlightening to notice that many of its manifestations resemble diseases of the body. Or put the other way round, bodily sickness has its counterpart in soul sickness and occasionally the one is interlocked with the other. In any case there is a coalition of terminology which helps recognition of spiritual sickness in terms of the physical.

In the April 2020 issue of The Christadelphian an attempt was been made to identify some of the diseases of the soul by the index of the bodily physician, but more especially to draw attention to the power of the Great Physician and his prescription for true health, revealed in the Word of God.
In that issue last year, there was also looked at the headlines which then like this year, were all about COVID-19 and Coronavirus. At that time the infection seemed already to spread with ease, and measures taken by the authorities (some of them drastic) have done little to stop the virus reaching many countries. Scientists were working at full speed to find a vaccine, already over-stretched hospitals were challenged even more to treat patients and governments wrestle with action plans to contain further spreading.

When telling the disciples about events which would precede his return, Jesus listed diseases, or pestilences, as one of the many signs that would be experienced.

“There will be great earthquakes, and in various places famines and pestilences. And there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.” (Luke 21:11)

One year further in the coronacrisis the suffering continues and lots of people have become tired of the coronameasures. For months now we have kept social distancing and tried to avoid as many of personal contacts as possible. All our meeting went virtual, and we keep doing that. Today once more the virus showing it is is not conquered yet and still going strong, with its English mutant even stronger that the China-version.

Those with loved ones who are struck down by this virus, or affected themselves, are deserving of sympathy and help. Brethren and sisters tried to jump in for doing the shopping and to help wherever they can to make life more bearable.

All the going on, the health as well as the economical impact, show us a world in need. Clrearly it is also a sign for us that we should come to help others and to have their depressed mind swing back int a positive state of mind. Because we should not complain too much. There are lots of people worse of than we.
We also have a better prospect for the coming future. First there are the vaccinations, which go terribly slow, but which are giving the prospect of turning to a normal life again in a few moths time (about 6 more months?).

But for believers in God there is also that beautiful message of hope. We do have the message from the Lord Jesus that the signs “from heaven” spoken about in the Scriptures are some sign we currently are able to see.

We do know that God is a god Who does not tell lies and keeps His promises. We also know that whatever happens in the world the Most High Elohim is always in control of these things that happen in the world.

We need not worry as others do, not because we are somehow immune from this infection, but because we know this is just a stepping stone to something far better. The time is coming when all illness and suffering, endured since the days of Eden, will come to an end. How we need the Lord Jesus to establish God’s kingdom here on earth.

Living with a great hope we should tell people around us about the good prospect and about the Good News. We should also draw attention to the power of the Great Physician and his prescription for true health, revealed in the Word of God.

It is sent forth in the hope that it may be a provocation to any who read it to seek spiritual health with the same fervour and the same anxiety that energises the search for bodily soundness.


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