CBM Welfare Aid during the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Coronavirus and the measures taken to contain and combat it have brought problems not only for the UK but also for brothers and sisters in Europe and Africa.

CBM wish to assure the brotherhood that we are actively taking steps to help where this is necessary, and have made estimates of the likely cost to the Welfare Fund.
At the moment, by God’s grace and the generosity of the brotherhood, we expect to be in a position to meet any reasonable requests. We are not currently seeking to appeal to the brotherhood for additional funds, but are grateful as always for the contributions received.

University Medical Pharmaceuticals Hand Sanitizer (transparent version).pngCBM are aware however that there are some spurious requests being received, going directly to brothers and sisters in UK rather than though CBM Linkmen. An example is hand sanitiser. Some African governments have suggested that people within their country purchase hand sanitiser, often at enormous expense, and often not easily available.
We are convinced that frequent and regular hand washing with soap and water is more practical and better than occasional use of expensive hand sanitiser.

Brothers and sisters who receive requests from CBM territories are encouraged to get in touch with the appropriate linkman or area secretary before sending donations. We do not seek to stop help to brothers and sisters, just to do so in the fairest and most effective way. Above all we seek the prayers of the brotherhood for those in these difficult and worrying times.

Mark Sheppard

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