Fresh new WordPress site in Dutch about the Brothers and sisters in Christ

On August 10, 2011 we proudly presented our ” newest daughter on WordPress:  Broeders in Christus.”

In this Corona year, there has been a lot of isolation, but that did not mean silence. Some words from the Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses about Christadelphians made that we could not stay silent and have their sayings go around as if they were true. For that reason and also to give a better picture for what the Christadelphians stand, there has been created a WordPress site in Dutch, so that people could come to know for what we stand here in Belgium.

The intention of the site in one language (Dutch) is to offer an overview of the ideas of Christadelphians and why they should be considered as real followers of Christ Jesus. The site includes a series of articles about differences in thought and teaching by some Christian groups which at first sight may look very equal to each other or very familiar to groups that people know much better.

The opening series might, for some, give the wrong impression we are against Jehovah’s Witnesses, but we want to assure you we are not at all against them, though we find it a pity that they sent such false rumours in the air, when we like them want to bring the Biblical Truth to all people all over the world.

Because there are so many wrong ideas about the Christadelphians, spread by other so-called Christians, that our community find it most important to go over point by point what we do believe and have found it so important to have taken it into our (Birmingham) Statement of Faith. The second series covers all those 30 points and gives several Biblical verses for our readers to compare what we think and understand from those Bible texts and what other churches, like theirs, want them to believe what is written in the Bible.

The 2011 site brought all the old articles from Multiply into the daylight again, after Multiply stopped its service. Now ten years later the Belgian community of Brothers and sisters in Christ want to offer a new sign-board for our community which clearly has to grow and may not stay longer in the shadow.


Please have a look at or do find the Flemish or Belgian Dutch site of the Christadelphians or Brothers in Christ at: Belgische Broeders in Christus.



New Flemish Site

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