Unprofitable Questions

In these days of social media we can find lots of Facebook Pages and lots of Fora where there are going on sometimes very ridiculous or non-upbringing discussions. On the net we can find a plethora of nonsensical and endless discussions about trifles or things that are not really important, and where the important things are completely overlooked.

We can see how there are people willing to put in a lot of energy. But we only can determine
such energy is totally lost for nothing and could be better spent.

In life, it is quite normal to have questions over certain matters and to be curious what others think. It is also normal to go into a discussion about certain matters. This even can become productive for both parties involved in the debate. Though we must always be careful when people come forward to ask certain questions. There are profitable but also unprofitable and even damaging questions.

Unprofitable Questions

“Shunn profane and vain questions”,

especially at Bible Classes or Ecclesial meetings, for, as the Apostle said, they “gender strifes” (2 Tim. ii. 23).

We have known in the early history of the truth such a question brought up week after week, with no other result than to arouse the combative element of the meeting, and the waste of time that might have been better utilised. This would not happen did the speakers heed the Scriptural injunction not to be wise above “what is written”.

Why spend hours discussing “Who was the wife of Cain?” or “Were Melchisedek and Shem one and the same person?”; or, “What has become of the Ark of the Covenant?”; or, “Why is the tribe of Dan left out of Rev. vii. ?”

If a brother knows them, let him briefly answer the question, which could be done in five minutes. If a brother does not know, let him say so, or keep silence, not kill time in vain speculations.

In the South London Ecclesia we do not allow the consideration of any question to be prolonged or adjourned simply to please the questioner; the vote of the meeting is taken, generally with the result that useless questions are avoided.

F. G. J.




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