Laodicean Ecclesias

Continuing looking at the 21st-century writings concerning the state of the ecclesiae and conditions in church life in the 20th century.

You ask:

Who is to blame?

Personal observation tells us the senior brethren are, those we call “Presiding Brethren”. They have allowed the meetings to be spent mainly in the consideration of expository matter, to the exclusion of those topics that have to do with our everyday life and conduct. The reason for such is that many of them deem Sunday morning not the time to say things which will upset the hearers’ peace of mind, and possibly divert their attention from the Bread and the Wine by touching upon some individual habit or failing.

Oh, what a mistaken kindness.

“Let a man examine himself, and so let him eat”,

and it behoves the Master’s representative at the Table to inculcate this self-examination at all costs.

F. G. J.



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