Today’s exhortation on Mark 10 With God all things are possible

Today at our service we had a live meeting on Zoom but this time without a live exhortation. For all, we include the video of this morning sermon here on this platform as well, so that we can reach also people who were not at our service this morning. We do hope you enjoy it and come to think about how things are possible with God.

So often we read about people having met Jesus, them being happy and their lives being so different it can never be the same again.

Discussing the topic: Salvation.

The upside-down world.

All things are possible with God but not at our own terms but at God’s terms.

CoViD-19 is not your enemy but fear. Our lives are in God’s Hands. When we surrender to God and accept that He knows what is best for ourselves, we should not worry; and then we shall see God working in us.



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