Conferences and Evangelists

We have never known an effort in modern times to bring men back to the “simplicity which is in Christ” in faith and practice which has not either been embarrassed or defeated by parties superficially instructed in the principles sought to be Scripturally developed, introducing under the speciosity of “doing good” and saving precious souls, a paraphernalia of expediencies in the form of “conferences”, “evangelists”, “periodicals”, and other divers sorts of printings.

Let every Ecclesia manage its own affairs; let its members exert themselves in their own spheres for the diffusion of the Truth.

Dr. John Thomas.



Those Belonging to the called ones coming together

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Having a small church mentality

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Christadelphian Halls

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Elders, pastors, paid or unpaid professionals

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Elders who are Unfit

Ruleth Well His Own House

Building a Spiritual House

Presiding Brethren’s Failings

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