Ecclesial Offices

Ecclesias have to do with God’s business. This should be borne in mind in the election of officers. God requires for His work men of “sound mind” — men who know what is right and are prepared faithfully and energetically to pursue it.

Erratic, superficial, lazy, self-pleasing workers are not wanted. Men should not be placed in office simply to please them, or as a means of keeping them in the truth. If any prove unsuitable, or incompetent for the positions they hold, then others should be appointed.
Brethren should not be timid in these matters. Care and discrimination were enjoined upon the First-century brethren (1 Tim. iii.; Tit. i.).

Let us remember that a meeting takes on the spirit of its leaders — wrangling, crotchety, worldly, agnostic leaders, make a like meeting. If the truth is to prosper, we must have proper leaders — men well-grounded in the truth, men of experience, of good character, kind, sympathetic, meek but courageous. The appointment of such rests upon the brotherhood generally, hence its responsibilities.

A. T. Jannaway.

Read “Guide to the Formation of Ecclesias”, by Robert Roberts.




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