Advertising the Truth

When a person has come in the Truth, he or she should try to bring that Truth also to others around him or her.

The easiest way to have a signboard is to have an ecclesial hall with outside a sign board. But we should take every opportunity to speak about God and His son and to advertise the coming Kingdom of God.


Advertising the Truth

Advertising is the art of making known to as many people as possible in the shortest time anything that may be of advantage to them. Much money and ingenuity are expended in commercial advertising.

The Truth is the greatest of all treasures, and the duty of making it known is incumbent upon all of us. It is our duty to speak the word as opportunity offers, but if any other means is available, it should also be employed.

The Apostle Paul wrote letters to Ecclesias and individuals. His aim was that ” by allmeans ” he might save men. Had he possessed a type-writer he would have multiplied his epistles. If the gospel could have been printed in large type and placarded on the walls, who dare say that he would not have gladly seized the opportunity of a wider-spread knowledge of the truth?

In the providence of God, the inventiveness of man has been stimulated to produce machines and methods by which the knowledge of salvation can be made known almost indefinitely. To neglect these facilities cannot be defended either on the ground of Scripture or logic.

Woe to those who fail to use these Divinely provided means, or who discourage those whose only desire is to make known or advertise the most precious thing in the world —

“Ye who have the truth received, By God’s grace to you revealed, Should you dare to keep it back, You the rich reward may lack”.

J. M. Evans



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