Christadelphian Halls

In the previous postings, we mentioned that the ecclesia is a gathering of people. We do not need a typical church building with a spike to have our meeting taking place.
As soon as you know someone else who wants to share his or her faith, you should be able to form a cluster or come together as united persons under Christ and as such forming an ecclesia. Such meetings or gatherings of believers in Christ may take place in a living room or when possible an open space would be able to invite others also to join gatherings and worshipservices. That way the ecclesia can be open to receive new faces.
Not being conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of their mind, those willing to gather want to go in the footsteps of their master teacher Jeshua (Jesus Christ). Believers in Jesus have been called out of this world and put all those traditions of this world aside and as such do not take part in such worldly traditions or in pagan festivals.

Being aware that God calls us, we want to have an open heart to all those called by God and want to be in union with them all. God decides who to use for His tasks, and when He does we should follow the instructions. We should be prepared to start or construct a local ecclesia when the times seem right.

The Word of God is a tool given to the Church, the called-out ones, to fight the lies of satan (the adversary of God). Once being aware to belong to the called ones we should react accordingly. By testing you may also discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect and how you would be able to connect with others of the same faith.

The idea at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century was that every ecclesia had to have a meeting place. In a certain way, this is still favourable.

Christadelphian Halls

Every Ecclesia must have a meeting place. Generally a room, or hall, has to be rented from the “stranger”, in which case it is best that two or more brethren should be elected annually, with other officers of the Ecclesia, to be nominal tenants.

Business transactions must be made through individuals, but ecclesial well-being may at times require the removal from office of its representatives.

Happy is that Ecclesia where it is possible for the hall to be rented from a brother, and where, though the transaction between landlord and tenant must be on a strictly business basis, the guiding principle is that of fellow-workers. Often a vigorous Ecclesia desires to possess its own meeting place, but there are objections to such possession. The Ecclesia may become too large, or it may be advisable to move to another district. But the chief disadvantage lies in the legal entanglements, from which a body ruled only by the law of Christ does well to be free. Also, divisions may come (Acts xx. 30), and then how the material edifice will mock the shattered fabric of the “Church”! If possession bean absolute necessity, much forethought must be exercised in the appointment of trustees.

However held, let an Ecclesia keep its house beautiful in its associations, in the conduct of its users, and in its general appearance.

W. H. Barker



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