The body of Christ gathering in corona-times

First of all, we have traditionally argued strongly that the “church” (Matthew 16:18; 18:17; etc.) is nothing to do with buildings, structures and hierarchies. It is about the individuals who make up the body. Some modern translations appreciate this in Acts 2:47 where instead of “added to the church” (KJV) they say “added to their number” (ESV) or something similar.

Now is the time for us to show we are still a community of believers, the body of Christ, even if we are all separated and prevented from having fellowship face-to-face.

Throughout the months from March onwards, we managed to have virtual meetings. We even noticed that at those virtual gatherings we were with much more people than the “in real life” church meetings.

We also applaud the response of ecclesiae up and down the land. It is a blessing that even when isolation has been forced on us that we can virtually gather at a time when technology can keep many of us linked together. Many ecclesiae are streaming their services using IT to the full, which is proving beneficial for many brothers and sisters. Sometimes this is being done from homes, but UK and Belgian Government regulations say the live streaming of services from places of worship is permissible without an audience.

Please remember:

  • There are some in our number (mainly elderly) who are not online, and ecclesiae are being thoughtful about how fellowship and support can be provided to them (simple conference calls and group chats over the phone are easily arranged and can keep these members connected).
  • If your ecclesia is willing to broaden the reach of its broadcast so that brothers and sisters of other ecclesiae can connect in, please advise Brother Joe Walker with brief details of how to connect.

2 thoughts on “The body of Christ gathering in corona-times

  1. Whilst we are in lockdown and meeting together in real life is prevented, we have been well blessed by our technology and especially our IT gurus in making sure we can still meet. Thanks to them all and thanks for all those willing to join us on the net.


  2. United together

    In a short space of time ecclesiae across the world have introduced new IT and software which some of us hardly new existed. We have become experts in Skype, Zoom, WebEx, 8×8, Google Meet, CIL Meet, and perhaps others too. Breaking of bread services have been conducted over the internet or by phone, taking us into different homes as prayers and readings are said and exhortations given. We have dutifully complied as the president has invited us to “stand while we sing our next hymn”, even though no other singers could be heard.

    This might be most unusual, but something remarkable is happening. Our ecclesial life, in the blink of an eye, has been transformed and everyone is now concentrating on the really important matters, such as how do we remember our Lord together? How will we maintain contact in our isolation? How do we care for the (physically and spiritually) poor and needy in our ecclesiae? Unimportant, peripheral matters, some of which have acquired unwarranted significance and emphasis in our ecclesiae, have suddenly been forgotten. Instead we are phoning and writing to each other (old style communication is getting a new lease of life) and we have time for each other. Ecclesias and divided families are connecting online to do the readings together. And all of us have been given the time to think about the coming of our Lord in a way few of us have experienced before.

    We remain one body, whose one head is the Lord Jesus. Our isolation and separation come at a time when technology helps bind us together. Let us pray this time of confinement, like for Noah and his family, or the Children of Israel on Passover night, is the final act before our Lord’s return.

    Also for our help to others, we have been active, baking for elderly care homes as well as writing hundreds of cards wishing a better year to the inhabitants of the elderly homes in the villages around our ecclesia.
    Each of us still can take up a pen and contribute by sharing warm wishes for 2021 to people living in the neighbourhood.


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