Renewed Sites

Dear Readers, visitors of this ecclesial site,

As a church we try to spread the Good News. To do that we use our printed material (magazines and pamphlets) and several websites.

For some years we had a Google Site. But by the changes made by Google we had to convert those sites, which did not seem possible for the multilanguage Belgian Christadelphians Site, because it was too huge and had articles which were too long. This made that I manually had to transfer all the articles and have to layout them.

For months now I was busy with transferring material from the Old Google Sites to the New Google Sites.

It took longer than anticipated. But today I, at last, finished the transfer and indexing of the Belgian Christadelphian Pages of the Old Google Sites to the New Google Sites.

To avoid converting problems in the future I divided the Old Belgian Christadelphians site up into 5 different sites: 2 sites in English, and the others in Dutch, French and German.

  1. Christadelphia – City of Christ
  2. Belgian Christadelphians
  3. Belgische Christadelphians
  4. Belgische Brüder in Christus
  5. Christadelphes Belges

The Old Flemish Brethren site was easily converted, but still took up a lot of time for correcting the lines, word connecting and word splitting, plus giving it a new layout: Broeders in Christus

With “Christadelphia” I do hope as a community we can give interested people also some idea of Christadelphian writings by different Christadelphians and some idea of the structure and working of our society.

In case you find I missed out some subjects and that there should some articles added, please let me know.


As brothers and sisters gathering regularly we try to support and encourage everyone who is willing to be united under Christ and to live by God’s hope and our hope in the future. This effort requires not only a lot of work but also a lot of costs.

Everybody is welcome to support us in whatever way.

A contribution for our work is always welcome, and can be made by funding
via payment with Paypal or by a money transfer to:
BE37 9730 6618 2528

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