A new site looking at ecclesiae of the City of Christ

2020 November 4

Our old main Google site had, like all the Google sites to be converted to the New Google Sites (when you shall be able to see something of it after 2020 November 01, this shall be a reduced publication). The big problem seemed that the Belgian Christadelphian Google Site was much too big and as such could not automatically convert. This meant that all the articles had to be transferred by hand and again have to be placed in a good layout in newly created Google Sites.

The one Google Site we divided in five separate New Google Sites, one for each language: English, Dutch, French and German plus one site especially to present the community or Christadelphia to the public. And next to the Belgian Christadelphian site in Dutch we kept the Flemish Brethren in Christ or Broeders in Christus apart in a conversion of the old separate site. (Making it up to 6 new sites instead of the previous 2 big ones)

At that new site: Christadelphia – the City of Christ, we present the reason for our separate formation or unique community of brothers and sisters in Christ making a united congregation under Christ Jesus.

When referring to God’s congregation, the Christian Greek Scripture writers employed the word ekklesía, from which comes our English word “ecclesia.” It, in turn, is derived from two Greek roots, ek, “out,” and kaleín, “to call.” This makes that when in ancient times the Jews spoke about an ekklesia they talk about a gathering of people, being it a religious but also could it be a political group. It concerned a group of persons, an assembly or a congregation, called out or called together, officially or unofficially.

Christadelphians consider themselves not just followers of Christ, but being so closely connected with him, having the same heavenly Father as Jesus, that they want to be united under him as brothers and sisters of and in him, they consider them also be called out or to be an ecclesia. With using that word we do not think about a specific building.

Regarding ekklesía, the Imperial Bible Dictionary states:

“The word ekklesía never, in the New Testament, signifies the actual building in which Christians assembled for public worship; the first mention of regular structures of that kind occurs long after the apostolic age.”

We invite you to have a look at the articles about the ecclesia, ecclesial shepherds, construction and life in Christadelphia. At that new site you shall be able to find reasons why we consider it so important to proclaim the Word of God with the Gospel or Good News, and to keep to the Biblical teachings, commandments and regulations.

It is in our desire to promote “Unity of Spirit” and concerted movement among Believers of the Truth that we keep continuing to speak out loud and to present several articles on the net, even when we keep receiving very negative reactions and bullying emails from adversaries of God and of the Biblical Truth.

We appeal to the hearts of all who love the Lord Jesus Christ and the service which pertains to his cause in the earth — to render aid and comfort and material help — as well as in your present efforts to realise substantial progress in this good work.

It should be the pleasing duty of our hearts to further such good work, especially in view of the signs — so prominent now — of the speedy “Coming of the King of Israel”, whose glorious wings overshadow Immanuel’s Land and People in these Latter Days.

We should rejoice to be permitted to see the rearing up of that Temple which is to be established in Judah’s portion of the Holy Land, when Abraham and Christ will be the reigning Sovereigns of the whole world, and will bless all the nations who are subject to their righteous rule; when the law shall go forth from Zion, and the Word of Jehovah from Jerusalem. Then will come to pass the words of the Prophet saying,

“1  Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God. 2 Speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem; and cry unto her, that her warfare is accomplished, that her iniquity is pardoned, that she hath received of Jehovah’s hand double for all her sins.” (Isa 40:1-2 ASV)



As brothers and sisters gathering regularly we try to support and encourage everyone who is willing to be united under Christ and to live by God’s hope and our hope in the future. This effort requires not only a lot of work but also a lot of costs.

Everybody is welcome to support us in whatever way.

A contribution for our work is always welcome,
and can be made by funding
via payment with PayPal
or by a money transfer to:
BE37 9730 6618 2528




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