Website changes, Lockdown meetings and Songs to soothe our hearts

Already for more than two months, I am working to bring over the material we brought on our Google Main site. Having Google changing Blogger and creating its New Sites, the Old Google site of the Belgian Christadelphians could not be converted automatically (Normally it would only be available until the end of September, but a reduced version seems still visible). Therefore, I had to do it manually, which takes much more time than I thought it would take. Though, the automatic conversion of some other smaller sites, demanded also improvement work, because the endings of lines in the old sites became connected with the beginning of the new lines, and at the end of a line in the new sites the word became broken at the end of the line, so that all those words had to be correctly split or put together again. At the converted sites as well as in the new sites, a new layout and pictures had to be foreseen, plus all the links in the articles had to be revised. Everywhere the new URL of the new pages had to be inserted. (A tedious and very time-consuming job.)

Breaking up the old Christadelphian main site into five new sites (English, Dutch, French,+ German) next to the Flemish Brethren site and English Christadelphia site, also brought with it that certain articles had to be added to give a good overview of our thoughts in the particular language or site. By a new article about “worship” for the Christadelphia site I came up to this song which I love to share with you. It comes from our Christadelphian Orange Worship book  43.

During the Corona Lockdown many of our brethren and sisters have been very creative. This has been great, making it possible to have our internet meetings also enlightened with some nice music.

Please do find here one of the songs Joseph Cheek from Island Recording Studios mixed/mastered.

Today in several countries Christadelphians are busy to put our music (hymns and psalms) on video, so that they also can be used worldwide at our meetings.

There’s still a fair few more to go but it seems like we will be stuck at home for a while yet. The Editor of “Worship” has also managed to put together an international performance of Amy Parkin’s beautiful ‘Lullaby blessing’ from the orange worship book. Daniel Melching (Germany), Dan Osborn (Canada), Nita Lawrie (Australia), Rebecca Hocking (Australia), and Rachel Hocking (Australia) on piano, and the composer herself, Amy Parkin (UK) make up the ensemble.

iMovie was used for the collage video, (“took a bit of experimenting but I think it’s ok for the first” – rhockmusic channel)

We’re hoping to get more orange worship book songs known whilst everyone is relying on the online environment to get by.

Please view their video, we hope you enjoy it!


God in my watching, thinking and in my speaking

God in my life, my lips, my soul




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