How can you grow faith throughout your whole life?

Faith matters because it defines our life—forever.

It shapes our relationship with God and with each other.
We each come to God individually, but we are called to walk together in common purpose, united by our faith in God.

WCF FaithLaunch Program

WCF’s FaithLaunch Program is designed to answer that huge question and assist you as you embark on your own life journey. The answer matters because the true measure of our life is faith-trusting God and His Son instead of leaning on our own instincts. We develop this faith across a lifetime journey in the decisions we make, the relationships we form, and the trials we encounter.

What is FaithLaunch?

To achieve this aim, FaithLaunch provides a ‘pre-flight final check’ not unlike what NASA did in the Apollo program before sending astronauts to the moon.  In our case, though, it’s all about providing an unswerving faith compass in three parts:

(1) Supply a robust set of ‘Faith Tools’ to guide decisions, both big and small;

(2) Create a network of peers and faithful mentors to help along the way (a support base akin to NASA’s Houston); and

(3) Inspire each participant to put their faith into action.

FaithLaunch addresses four huge faith issues that every young adult faces.  The Program is designed to help you consider each issue through two contrasting lenses:

(1) the eye of faith versus

(2) the worldview that surrounds you in today’s media, education, entertainment, and government.

 The four issues are these:

1.   How do we find purpose in life and thus choose how to spend our time?  What is the purpose in my life—the things that matter most?  Does that purpose become my rudder for steering through an ocean of daily decisions?  These decisions seem small and trivial, and are often made without a second thought.  But over a lifetime they make all the difference in their cumulative effect. How can faith guide these daily decisions?  If faith is the rudder, what effect does it have on my life?

2.   How do we make major life decisions?  Choosing a career, a spouse, an employer, a location to live—all of these represent major crossroads that change the course of my life.  How do we bring faith into these big decisions in the best possible way?  What happens if we don’t?

3.   How do we manage the many relationships in our life?  Human relationships represent a critical measure of life.  My family, my spiritual family, my friends, my co-workers, my fellow students, my neighbours—these relationships can sustain our life in wonderful ways.  In some cases, however, they can be highly destructive.   How can you make faith the bedrock of your relationships and sustain your life in the best possible way?

4.   How do we use faith to overcome crisis?  Inevitably, crisis will intrude on your life, in ways you least expect.  It may be death, it may be illness, it may be financial collapse, it may be some other form of trauma.  But trouble and trial are a part of life.  When that moment comes, how can faith get you through it?

FaithLaunch Format

One of the key goals of FaithLaunch is to provide you with a set of tools that will help you deal with issues of Faith throughout your lifelong journey. Each section will utilize the same six tools to reinforce their usefulness and increase proficiency in their use. These faith- building tools are: Self-Assessment, Scriptural Understanding, Prayer, Community, Cultural Awareness and Contemplation.

Lord willing, the Program will commence this fall with a virtual weekend retreat to encourage faithful bonds.   Because many of these young adults are either working or in university, much of the Program will be delivered online to encourage wide participation. Each of the four sequential sections will span 6 weeks of commitment.  Each week includes a 2-hour live webinar, hosted by the Section Leader with other presentations interspersed by other members of the Section Team.   We plan on hosting an in person weekend this sometime this winter. The Program wraps up with a final retreat to weave together key learnings and send off participants with fresh faith inspiration.

Course Outline

  1. Time and Purpose, day by day
  2. Making Big Life Decisions
  3. Managing Relationships
  4. Overcoming crisis


How can you participate?

FaithLaunch is aimed at young adults between the ages of 18 and 35. There is no cost to participate but we do ask that you participate in the six core sessions that start this Fall. To better accommodate your schedule, much of the program will be delivered online. Each of these ‘terms’ will consist of investing a few hours a week of your time over a six week period.

Lord willing, the Program will commence October 3rd and 4th with a virtual retreat to encourage faithful bonds and will wrap up with a final retreat next spring to weave together key learnings and send you on your journey with fresh faith and inspiration.

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