News from the Christadelphian Magazine Office in Birmingham for September 2020

The last few months have presented many challenges and our prayers are with those around the world who are ill or lonely or suffering, the bereaved, those facing unemployment or hardship and many others affected by coronavirus. Considerable efforts to contain the outbreak continue, from governments and front line care workers to scientists searching for effective vaccines. We are grateful for their work, but more reassured by the promise of the return of the Lord Jesus himself, whose government will bring these issues to a close.The efforts of ecclesias to maintain contact and fellowship with all their members have been heartening. Much has been learned and priorities have been re-evaluated and it will be important to remember these should our normal services resume. Some ecclesias are now venturing to reopen where it is possible to do so safely. Hopefully these opportunities will grow as cities, regions and countries ease lockdown rules. There will be an article in September’s issue of The Christadelphian describing one ecclesia’s experience of opening up. The well-being of members and compliance with local guidelines is important, of course, but the great blessings of being able to enjoy fellowship in person once more should not be underestimated.

This month’s newsletter contains the following items:

  • Signs of the Times – “Crisis in Lebanon”
  • Coronavirus – Update
  • Book Offers
  • New Titles – recent and planned
  • August’s issue of The Christadelphian
  • New staff member – Sister Carmel Payne
  • Foreword to Signs of the Times Study Guide
  • Online events

As always, all our plans and endeavours are intended for the glory of Almighty God and are subject to His blessing.

2 thoughts on “News from the Christadelphian Magazine Office in Birmingham for September 2020

  1. The current issue of The Christadelphian has been distributed. For those who take ecclesial parcels but find it difficult to distribute among their members the office can organise direct posting if that helps. Among a wide range of articles this month we conclude our series on Working together, this month considering the positive contributions made by sisters to our ecclesias (by Simon and Helen Collard)

    As part of the Apologetics series the magazine examine the question of whether an acceptance of sciences prohibits a belief in the Bible (Simon Dean) and Bro John Benson’s insightful articles on the Gospel of Luke continue, this month considering the subject of justification.

    A review of the activities of the CMPA for 2019 is included, along with information about a new website resource for Home-Schooling.


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